Welcome to SPELL's website.  SPELL are a charity that support the pre-5 voluntary sector in South Lanarkshire.  

We provide free support to parents and carers as well as all not-for-profit baby and toddler groups, nurseries and playgroups.  

If you are a parent or carer looking to attend a group with your child, or looking for a nursery for your child to attend, SPELL can provide you with details of groups. 

Please give us a call on 01698 768933 / 768944 or email us at spell.org@btopenworld.com.  We also have a Facebook page

Covid-19 Update
SPELL staff are currently working from home in line with Government advice.  We can be contacted by email at spell.org@btopenworld.com


The guidance for baby and toddler groups has been reviewed and has now been published. Please click on the link below to view the guidance:

This guidance is for unregulated activities and services provided indoors and outdoors for children and young people, including babies and toddlers, that are voluntary, 3rd sector or parent led. 

Please pay particular notice to the Parent and Baby or Toddler Groups section of the guidance.  This sections gives details of the maximum number allowed to attend groups whilst in Level 3.

Organised Activity Indoors
A maximum of 10 adults (18+). Facilitators do not count to the overall adult number at Level 3.
There is no maximum number of children that are 5 years old and under.

Organised Activity Outdoors
A maximum of 15 adults (18+). Facilitators do not count to the overall adult number at Level 3.
There is no maximum number of children that are 5 years old and under.

Please note that this guidance should be used in accordance with any policies and procedures that your venue has put in place.
If you are in an SLC hall you should wait for them to publish information. 

SPELL support the Pre-5 voluntary sector across South Lanarkshire.  This includes Baby & Toddler groups, Nurseries and Playgroups, which are non-profit making organisations.

The image to the left gives a brief explanation of the different types of nurseries and playgroups in this sector with their contact details.  

If you are interested in finding out more about any of the establishments please call them direct or contact us on  01698768933.

This list and a list of all the Baby and Toddler Groups can be found on the List of Groups page


SPELL do not currently have any vacancies.

Vacancies at nurseries and playgroups registered with SPELL can be found by clicking here

Play Activity Programme 2020- 2021

Please click here for information about the play activities that are on offer this year.  

To book a session for your group please contact Wendy on 01698 768944 or email spell.org@btopenworld.com.  

Little Hedgehogs

For dates and information on our latest Little Hedgehogs Outdoor Toddler Group, please see our Group and Parent Area


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We are a registered charity in Scotland.  SCO27970

Play Activity Evaluation Form

If your group has had a play activity please complete our evaluation form by clicking on the link below:

 Play Activity Evaluation Form

 Thank you.

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